Person2Person: Cape Cod Cultural Arts Center

We produced episode 2 of person2Person, featuring Host Mark Person at the Cape Cod Cultural Arts Center. This project consisted of an in person interview hosted by… Read more “Person2Person: Cape Cod Cultural Arts Center”

jo me dance company boston ma

Person2Person: Jo’-Me’ Dance Company

We directed/edited episode 1 of person2Person, featuring Mark Person as the host at the the Jo’Me’Dance Company in Boston.This project consisted of an on camera interview of… Read more “Person2Person: Jo’-Me’ Dance Company”

psa for mspca screen shot


We produced a PSA for the MSPCA to have some pre-produced footage for Purr View TV Show. We worked with them on every step of the process.… Read more “PSA: MSPCA”

screen shot colony place promo video

Promo Video: Colony Place Summer Trends

This was a collaborative project through my work at PACTV. It included multiple shoots, a script and voice over,  color correction to make the piece look consistent, and… Read more “Promo Video: Colony Place Summer Trends”

Promo Video: Turners Yard

This was a collaborative project through my work at PACTV.

screen shot pcn promo video still

Promo Video: PCN (PACTV Community News)

This was a collaborative project I created for my work at PACTV. This is a promotional video for PCN (PACTV Community News) Show.

Segment: Filmed For PCN

Here’s a recent segment: PCN Local Eats: Waterfront Bar and Grille- Filmed by Dustin Fleming through his work at PACTV. He also color corrected the video. You can… Read more “Segment: Filmed For PCN”

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